The Leprosy Post-Exposure-Prophylaxis (LPEP) programme is designed to establish evidence of the feasibility and impact of a single dose rifampicin as leprosy post-exposure prophylaxis, given to contacts of leprosy patients.

The six initial countries participating in the LPEP programme, namely India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Tanzania, have already completed between 2 and 2·5 years of field work. Two additional countries, Brazil and Cambodia, joined the programme in 2016.

The LPEP programme is a collaboration between Novartis Foundation, the Netherlands Leprosy Relief, American Leprosy Missions, the German Leprosy Relief Association, FAIRMED, Erasmus Medical Center, the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute and the national leprosy programs of Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Brazil and Cambodia.