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  1. Report of the thirteenth meeting of the WHO technical advisory group on leprosy control: New Delhi, India 26 November 2015

    WHO Technical Advisory Group Meeting Reports. 2016;
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  2. 40 years - Leprosy relief work from Mumbai India - Leprosy relief work from Dinslaken Germany, 2016

    Drabik R, Pai VV. 2016; 83 p..
  3. Ulnar Nerve Decompression in Neural Form of Leprosy in Childhood

    Pondé JM, Bittencourt J, Tanajura A, Ribeiro CD. Brazilian Journal of Medicine and Human Health. 2016;
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  4. An assessment of quality of life among leprosy affected persons residing in leprosy settlements of Chengalpet Taluk, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu

    Kumar DG, John KR, Logaraj M. National Journal of Research in Community Medicine. 2016; 5(3):149-154.
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  5. Perceptions of people with leprosy about disease and treatment

    Pelizzari ério, Arruda GO, Marcon ônia S, Fernandes CAM. Revista da Rede de Enfermagem do Nordeste. 2016;
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