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  1. Elimination of leprosy in India: An analysis.

    Sengupta U. Indian journal of dermatology, venereology and leprology. 2018; 84(2):131-136.
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  2. Quality of life of people affected with leprosy disability living in Purulia, West Bengal.

    Govindharaj P, Srinivasan S, Darlong J. International journal of health sciences and research. 2018; 8(2):221-225.
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  3. Overcoming clofazimine intrinsic toxicity: statistical modelling and characterization of solid lipid nanoparticles.

    Chaves LL, Lima S, Vieira ACC, Ferreira D, Sarmento B, Reis S. Journal of the Royal Society, Interface. 2018;
  4. Comparative genomics shows Mycobacterium ulcerans migration and expansion has preceded the rise of Buruli ulcer in south-eastern Australia.

    Buultjens AH, Vandelannoote K, Meehan CJ, Eddyani M, Jong BC, Fyfe JAM, Globan M, Tobias NJ, Porter JL, Tomita T, Tay EL, Seemann T, Howden BP, Johnson PDR, Stinear TP. Applied and environmental microbiology. 2018;
  5. Community knowledge, perceptions and attitudes regarding leprosy in rural Cameroon: The case of Ekondotiti and Mbonge health districts in the South-west Region.

    Tabah EN, Nsagha DS, Bissek ACZK, Njamnshi TN, Njih INN, Pluschke G, Njamnshi AK. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2018; 12(2):e0006233.
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