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  1. Barriers to Promoting Advance Care Planning for Residents Living in a Sanatorium for Hansen’s Disease: A Qualitative Study of Residents and Staff in Japan

    Tsuruwaka M, Yokose R. Asian bioethics review. 2018; 1–19.
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  2. To assess the burden of and trends of Hansens disease - Mainly by assessing the histomorphological spectrum and clinicopathological correlation, at a tertiary care hospital in Telangana State, India.

    Firdous F, Sridevi P, Majeed A, Kirit R, Abeddin MA. World journal of pharmaceutical and medical research. 2018; 4(8):148-154.
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  3. Hemolytic anemia incident in leprosy patients receiving multi-drug therapy at Haji Adam Malik Central Hospital, Medan-Indonesia.

    Muhaira WT, Darmi M, Lubis RD. Bali medical journal. 2018; 7(2):442-446.
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  4. Monitoring and detection of leprosy patients in Southwest China: A retrospective study, 2010-2014.

    Le W, Haiqin J, Danfeng H, Ying S, Wenyue Z, Jun Y, Li X, Tiejun S, Limei S, Jie L, De W, Yong N, Yangying L, Hao W, Yanfei K, Bin L, Maeda Y, Duthie M, Meiwen Y, Hongsheng W, Liangbin Y, Guocheng Z, Baoxi W, Heng G. Scientific reports. 2018; 8(1):11407.
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  5. Mandating nerve biopsy- a step towards personalizing therapy in pure neuritic leprosy.

    Kulshreshtha D, Malhotra KP, Malhotra HS, Thacker AK, Garg RK, Singh AK, Maurya PK. Journal of the peripheral nervous system : JPNS. 2018;

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