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  1. Population-wide administration of single dose rifampicin for leprosy prevention in isolated communities: a three year follow-up feasibility study in Indonesia.

    Tiwari A, Dandel S, Djupuri R, Mieras L, Richardus JH. BMC infectious diseases. 2018; 18(1):324.
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  2. Factors associated with the development of physical disabilities in Hansen's disease.

    Santana EMF, Brito KKG, Antas EMV, Nogueira JA, Leadebal ODCP, Silva MA, Costa MML, Soares MJGO. Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de Sao Paulo. 2018; 60e27.
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  3. IL-10-producing regulatory B cells transformed CD4+CD25- into Tregs and enhanced regulatory T cells function in human leprosy.

    Tarique M, Naz H, Kurra SV, Naqvi RA, Saini C, Rai R, Suhail M, Khanna N, Rao DN, Sharma A. Frontiers in immunology. 2018;
  4. The Evaluation of PMP22 and Protein 0, Examinations for Early Disability Detection in Leprosy Patients

    Widasmara D, Agusni I, Turchan A, M SL. Hiroshima journal of medical sciences. 2018; 67174-178.
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  5. The Determinants of the Geographical Distribution and Transmission of 16S rRNA of M.leprae in Endemic Areas, Indonesia.

    Amelia AR, Amiruddin R, Arsin AA, Bahar B, Hatta M. Indian journal of public health research & development. 2018; 9(6):429-432.

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