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Infolep, the international knowledge centre for access to (digital) information resources on leprosy and related subjects.

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  1. Pseudoathetosis and ataxia – a rare presentation of multibacillary leprosy in a non-endemic area J. Köstenbauer and H. Kempton

    Köstenbauer J, Kempton H. Leprosy review. 2016; 87(2):243-245.
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  2. Autonomic neuropathy impairing quality of life after completion of MDT: Are we managing enough?

    Anand V, Pradhan S, Kumar P. Leprosy review. 2016; 87(2):239-242.
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  3. Is nullity for Glutathione S-transferase genes GSTT1 and GSTM1 protective against leprosy?

    Graça CR, Cordeiro-Soubhia RM, Tonelli-Nardi SM, Belini Junior E, Bonini-Domingos CR, Gauch CR, Da Rocha EMDS, Paschoal VD, Kouyoumdjian JA, De Souza Baptista AR. Leprosy review. 2016; 87(2):232-238.
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  4. The use of steroids and thalidomide in the management of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum; 17 years at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, London

    Nabarro LEB, Aggarwal D, Armstrong M, Lockwood DNJ. Leprosy review. 2016; 87(2):221-231.
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  5. Experiences with Thalidomide for Erythema Nodosum Leprosum– a retrospective study

    Darlong J, Govindharaj P, Charles DE, Menzies A, Mani S. Leprosy review. 2016; 87(2):211-220.
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