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What's New?

  1. No matter where the journey takes me : One man’s quest for a leprosy-free world

    Sasakawa Y. 2019;
  2. Kingdom of the sick: A history of leprosy and Japan

    Burns SL. 2019; 344 p..
  3. Wide Awake Tendon Transfers in Leprosy Patients in India.

    Mohammed AK, Lalonde DH. Hand clinics. 2019; 35(1):67-84.
  4. Under the Big Tree. Extraordinary stories from the movement to end neglected tropical diseases.

    Agler E, Crigler M. 2019; p 240.
  5. [The main memories and feelings of ex-leprosy living in an ancient leprosarium].

    Almeida AIS, Nogueira MA, Feitosa EBJ, Corrêa JC, Vasconcelos JS, Sousa RF, Sá AMM. Enfermagem em foco. 2018; 9(4):13-17.
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