International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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What's New?

  1. How safe is mHealth? Concerns about patient-facing mobile health applications and their consequences.

    Akbar S, Coiera E, Magrabi F. International journal for quality in health care. 2018;
  2. Towards elimination of lymphatic filariasis in southeastern Madagascar: Successes and challenges for interrupting transmission.

    Garchitorena A, Raza-Fanomezanjanahary EM, Mioramalala SA, Chesnais C, Ratsimbasoa CA, Ramarosata H, Bonds MH, Rabenantoandro H. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2018; 12(9):e0006780.
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  3. The association of rainfall and Buruli ulcer in southeastern Australia.

    Yerramilli A, Tay EL, Stewardson AJ, Fyfe J, O'Brien DP, Johnson PDR. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2018; 12(9):e0006757.
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  4. Coherence between research output and public health priorities: the case of neglected tropical diseases in Brazil.

    Fonseca BP, Albuquerque PC, Zicker F. 2018; 1090-1099.
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  5. WASP (Write a Scientific Paper): A review on the online medical resources available for medical training.

    Cuschieri S. Early human development. 2018;

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