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  1. A leprosy elimination investment case: proceedings of an expert consultation

    Noordende A, Hinders DC, Tiwari A, Richardus JH, Brakel WH. Leprosy review. 2019; 90(1):124-127.
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  2. Strengthening personal and family resilience: a literature review for the leprosy context

    Noordende A, Kuipers P, Pereira DSZB. Leprosy review. 2019; 90(1):88-104.
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  3. Acceptability of contact screening and single dose rifampicin as chemoprophylaxis for leprosy in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, India

    Apte H, Chitale M, Das S, Manglani PR, Mieras L. Leprosy review. 2019; 90(1):31-45.
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  4. Reviewing research priorities of the leprosy research initiative (LRI): a stakeholder’s consultation

    Khazai Z, Brakel W, Essink D, Gillis T, Kasang C, Kuipers P, Saunderson P, Scollard D, Veldhuijzen N. Leprosy review. 2019; 90(1):3-30.
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  5. A case of dapsone-induced severe Agranulocytosis causing life-threatening skin sepsis in a Sri Lankan child with borderline leprosy: A success story!

    Fernando M, Kankananarachchi I, Navabalasooriyar P, Herath B, Punchihewa P. Case reports in medicine. 2019; 20192314379.
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