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  1. Implementation science and stigma reduction interventions in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review.

    Kemp CG, Jarrett BA, Kwon CS, Song L, Jetté N, Sapag JC, Bass J, Murray L, Rao D, Baral S. BMC medicine. 2019; 17(1):6.
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  2. A systematic review of multi-level stigma interventions: state of the science and future directions.

    Rao D, Elshafei A, Nguyen M, Hatzenbuehler ML, Frey S, Go VF. BMC medicine. 2019; 17(1):41.
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  3. A scoping review of health-related stigma outcomes for high-burden diseases in low- and middle-income countries.

    Kane JC, Elafros MA, Murray SM, Mitchell EMH, Augustinavicius JL, Causevic S, Baral SD. BMC medicine. 2019; 17(1):17.
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  4. Out of the silos: identifying cross-cutting features of health-related stigma to advance measurement and intervention.

    Van Brakel WH, Cataldo J, Grover S, Kohrt BA, Nyblade L, Stockton M, Wouters E, Yang LH. BMC medicine. 2019; 17(1):13.
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  5. The Health Stigma and Discrimination Framework: a global, crosscutting framework to inform research, intervention development, and policy on health-related stigmas.

    Stangl AL, Earnshaw VA, Logie CH, Van Brakel W, C Simbayi L, Barré I, Dovidio JF. BMC medicine. 2019; 17(1):31.
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