NLR - Leprastichting

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NLR promotes and supports health, ability and full inclusion in society for persons affected by leprosy or living with disabilities, in line with WHO’s Global Leprosy Strategy and the Triple Zero campaign of ILEP.

Working through local offices in Mozambique, India, Indonesia, Nepal and Brazil, NLR prioritises the following areas of intervention:
1) Prevention and early detection of leprosy through development and promotion of innovative treatments
2) Combined approaches with other disabling diseases in order to prevent and manage disabilities
3) Empowerment of people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities
4) Reduction of stigma and discrimination

NLR / Leprastichting
Wibautstraat 137k
1097 DN Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5950500
NLR / Leprastichting website:
NLR / Leprastichting international website:

NLR is an alliance of organisations active across 5 countries: Brazil, Mozambique, India, Nepal, Indonesia.

NHR Brazil office
Avenida Humberto Monte, 2929 – Sala 1109 - Torre Norte | Bairro: Pici | CEP: 60440-593 | Fortaleza - Ceará - Brasil
Rua Padre Anchieta, 1341 - sala 204 CE - 60.325-520 Fortaleza Brazil
NHR Brasil website:

NLR  Mozambique office
Bairro da Sommershield 
Rua Pereira Maurinho n° 91, 
Maputo, Mozambique
NLR Mozambique website: 

NLR India office
B4/57, First Floor
Safdarjung Enclave 
New Delhi- 110029  
NLR India website:
NLR Foundation India website: 

NLR Nepal office:
Shankhamul, NewBaneswor
NLR Nepal website:

NLR Indonesia office
Gedung Rumiza Lt.3 & 4
Jl. Guntur No.22, Setia Budi
Jakarta Selatan - 12980
NLR Indonesia website: 

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