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Priming with DNA Enhances Considerably the Immunogenicity of hCG β-LTB Vaccine.


PROBLEM: Necessity to elicit antibody response above the protective threshold titres by sexually active women immunized to prevent pregnancy.

METHOD OF STUDY: Recombinant hCGβ-LTB vaccine expressed as both DNA and protein. Balb C mice employed for testing immunogenicity.

RESULTS: Necessity to give three primary injections of the vaccine to elicit proper antibody response. Immunization twice with DNA form of the vaccine at fortnightly interval followed by the protein elicits a distinctly higher antibody response than proteinic vaccine alone. Antibodies generated are bio-effective against hCG.

CONCLUSION: Immunization with the DNA form of the recombinant hCGβ-LTB vaccine twice at fortnightly interval followed by the proteinic form of the vaccine induces distinctly higher antibody response.

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Nand KN
Gupta JC
Panda A
Jain S
Talwar G