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A Case of Lepromatous Leprosy With Erythema Nodosum Leprosum


Erythema nodosum leprosum is an immunologic reaction that occurs in patients with lepromatous leprosy. We present the case of a 23-year-old female with a one-week history of fever and painful erythematous nodules along her upper and lower extremities. The patient had immigrated to the United States from Micronesia, where she was partially treated for leprosy two years prior. Histological examination from a punch biopsy demonstrated noncaseating granulomatous inflammation with numerous bacilli highlighted by the Fite stain. The acid-fast bacilli smear was positive. Given the patient’s clinical, laboratory, and histological findings, a diagnosis of lepromatous leprosy with a type 2 erythema nodosum leprosum reaction was established. Multidrug antibiotic therapy with rifampin, dapsone, minocycline, and prednisone was initiated, following the addition of clofazimine. Early recognition and treatment of leprosy are crucial to preventing chronic and disabling complications, especially in instances of systemic inflammatory responses such as erythema nodosum leprosum.

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Park L
Wallace CE
Vasile G
Buckley C