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Verrucous Lepromatous Leprosy: An Uncommon Facet of a Common Disease

Leprosy has been known since ages but even today, it continues to baffle with a wide range of clinical presentations which mimics dermatoses like psoriasis, dermatitis, granulomatous disorders etc. These uncommon presentations present as a diagnostic dilemma and lead to delay in treatment. In such circumstances, histopathology and slit skin smear comes to the rescue by aiding with accurate and timely diagnosis. Verrucous lesions are rare in leprosy with sparse literature. We here report a case of 22 years old female who presented with verrucous nodules over bilateral lower limbs, which on thorough investigation turned out to be a case of verrucous lepromatous leprosy

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Shah VH
Rambhia K
Mukhi J I
Singh RP