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Quali-quantitative synthesis of the global scenario of patent families about leprosy.


The work presents the analysis and synthesis of patent families about leprosy worldwide in the last 20 years. Three technological aspects were defined for the study of both portfolios, thus defined: diagnostic, drug/treatment and vaccine. Three thousand and three hundred twenty-three (3323) patent families were identified (790 for diagnostic, 1515 for drug and 1018 for vaccine). Fifty-eight (58) patent holders were identified and analyzed, with the most expressive portfolio of patent families, distributed in 13 countries. For the recovery of patent families, the ORBIT Intelligence® system from QUESTEL® was used. Using quantitative and qualitative analysis and synthesis, the patterns of five strategic indicators on the global patent scenario about leprosy were observed, namely: holders of patent families; the years of filing for unionist priority for patent families; countries of unionist priority for patent families; the legal status of filed patent families; and the legal status of patent families by country of protection. It is suggested that new public policies be created to encourage synergy between patent families and the social determinants of neglected populations, in order to induce a safe path to technological independence and better performance in the fight against leprosy in the Brazil.

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Meneghin R