Psoralene in repigmentation of tuberculoid leprosy.

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TitlePsoralene in repigmentation of tuberculoid leprosy.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsAmar AK
Abbrev. JournalIndian J Dermatol
JournalIndian journal of dermatology
Year of Publication1989
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsFemale, Humans, Leprosy, Tuberculoid, Male, Pigmentation Disorders, PUVA Therapy, Sex Factors

Photoactivated psoralens were studied in sixty cases of tuberculoid leprosy for the repigmentation of hypopigmented macules. It was observed that in 42 (70%) cases there was significant repigmentation within 6 months of therapy; in 5 (8.33%) cases there was mild to moderate repigmentation and in 13 (22.64%) cases, there was no change. No significant untoward effects of drug were encountered, except in four patients (6.66%), who developed, marked erythema and eczematous reaction.

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