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Plasma dapsone and its metabolite monoacetyldapsone levels in leprotic patients.


Dapsone (DDS) is a drug of choice in the treatment of leprosy. The DDS and MADDS levels and different pharmacokinetic parameters after a single dose of dapsone and at steady state in leprotic patients have been studied. At steady state, all the patients showed plasma DDS and MADDS levels above 0.5 micrograms/ml throughout the 24-h duration. There was no significant difference in the elimination half-lives of DDS and MADDS after a single dose as compared to at steady state, but AUC0-alpha for both DDS and MADDS were significantly increased at steady state. From these results, it could be concluded that 100 mg daily dose is sufficient to maintain plasma therapeutic concentration in leprotic patients in Indian population.

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Journal Article
Garg S K
Kumar B
Bakaya V
Lal R
Shukla V K
Kaur S

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