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Peak plantar pressure analysis using customized tactile sensory feedback system — A short report

Sensory neuropathy is prevalent in people affected by leprosy and diabetes. If neuropathy is left untreated it may lead to further impairments, which may be irreversible. Customized methods to identify and prevent further impairments in patients with sensory neuropathy are essential. The possibility of a sensory feedback system to identify pressure values on an anaesthetic foot was tested in this study. The feedback system to measure the peak plantar pressures was designed by integrating an electronic circuit to the data acquisition system. The sensor head of the Force Sensing Resistor (FSR’s) placed at various plantar pressure areas of the foot, determined the respective peak plantar pressures, based on sensing force. Feedback about the peak plantar pressure through the alerting terminals helps the user alter his gait and maintain the pressure within a set threshold limit. The system could also help the health staff to determine the patient’s peak plantar pressure and thus design customized therapeutic footwear.

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Paul MS
Siva B