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Neuromuscular ultrasound in leprosy: A scanning protocol.


The diagnosis of leprosy neuropathies has been traditionally based on clinical findings and electrodiagnostic studies, but ultrasound has emerged as a new tool for use in clinical practice. We conducted a literature search on the subject and developed a pragmatic ultrasound scanning protocol for patients with confirmed or suspected leprosy neuropathy. We suggest scanning the ulnar, median, superficial radial, common fibular and sural nerves at specific sites and assessing cross-sectional area, vascularity, and epineural thickness. Our protocol is potentially useful in differentiating leprosy neuropathies from other demyelinating neuropathies, but its applicability and accuracy must be evaluated in different centers.

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Journal Article
Pirola R
Visser L
Nasr-Eldin Y
Krzesniak-Swinarska M
Wheat S
Cartwright M