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Making of an immuno therapeutic cum immuno prophylactic vaccine against leprosy endowed with multiple properties and useful applications


Reviewed briefly is the development of a unique vaccine against leprosy based on an autoclaved cultivable saprophytic mycobacteria, Mycobacterium indicus pranii (MIP, earlier coded as Mw). MiP is approved by the Drugs Controller General of India and by USFDA. It is transferred to industry and is available to the public. Besides leprosy, MIP is in use as a potent adjuvant enhancing substantially antibody response to a potential Birth Control vaccine against hCG. MIP has both preventive and therapeutic actions against SP2/O myelomas in mice. It cures marvelously ugly warts on feet and in ano-genital regions by intralesional therapies. It has protective and therapeutic properties against tuberculosis.

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Journal Article
Talwar G P
Zaheer S A
Gupta S
Nandi D
Hada RS
Gupta JC