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Leprosy – Old wine in new bottle Leprosy


Leprosy is a public health problem and despite India achieving the goal of elimination of leprosy it is still being transmitted in India. 42 year old male presented with Complaints of red raised lesions all over the body since 1 year. Examination revealed multiple erythematous plaques and nodules over face, trunk, bilateral upper limbs, lower limbs. Erythematous plaques with central necrosis present over left forearm and arm. 28 Year old male presented with complaints of raised lesions over upper limbs, lower limbs, lower back since 6 months. Examination revealed multiple well defined papules, annular plaques over the extensor aspect of forearm, leg, back, buttocks. 22 year old male patient presented with complaints of hypopigmented patches over lower back since 6 months. Cutaneous examination revealed multiple ill defined, hypopigmented, hypoesthetic patches over lower back. Due to variable clinical presentation, lack of clinical suspicion and appropriate investigations such cases may not be diagnosed.

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Adithyan P
Raghavendra BN
Patra AK