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Leprosy: A clinical review


Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease, caused by Mycobacteriumleprae. It has great historical importance and is responsible forhigh rates of infected people all over the world, Brazil beingthe second country in number of cases, only behind India.The clinical manifestations of the disease depend on the host’simmune response, and it has the potential to affect practicallyall organs and systems, although it mainly affects the skin andperipheral nerves, and may, above all, present periods of aggravation,which are called reactions. Thus, it is characterized as adisease of incapacitating character, which can bring irreparablephysical deformities, presenting a great impact on the physical,social, and mental health of the patient. In this review we discussthe main aspects involving the condition of neglected disease,especially the epidemiology, classifications, clinical picture,complications, diagnosis, treatment, and care for prevention.

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Gomes AP
Miguel PSB
Martins e Mafra FB
De Moura ACL
Braga LM