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An Introductory Manual to Remote Service Provision for Supporting People with Disability and Leprosy


Our aim is that this manual will help workers and service providers in Low and Middle Income Countries to:

  • use appropriate and available technology to better support people affected by leprosy, people with disabilities and their families.
  • better select and use such technology to train and skill other professionals and workers.
  • better select and use appropriate technology to train and skill community workers and volunteers · help people with disabilities, people affected by leprosy and their families to get information, seek referrals, and help themselves where they can.


In summary, our aim is that this manual will help rehabilitation workers to best assist people with disabilities and people affected by leprosy by choosing the most appropriate technology to support that person, at that time, and in that context. In so doing they can help people to realise their right to rehabilitation in the context of an uncertain and changing world.

The manual can be downloaded at the "Downloads" section below.

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