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Impact of reconstructive surgery (RCS) among leprosy patients: A social appraisal


Reconstructive surgery (RCS) has made a significant improvement in deformities and disabilities management among leprosy patients. However, it seems that due to existing misconceptions that is hereditary and not curable regarding leprosy still lead to concealing the disease, therefore the patients hesitate and unenthusiastic to avail these facilities. This study was carried out in Sonepur district of Odisha with 60 RCS has undertaken leprosy patients. Out of 71 operative patients during 2000–2012, only 60 patients were alive and interviewed, in this study entire universe was used without any sampling. A semi-structured questionnaire was administered to assess their understanding, better quality of life (QOL) after reconstructive surgery. Nearly, 98.6% could meet their expectations to some extent, another 1.6% failed to get their expectations. Among all the RCS patients only 33.3% changed their profession to avoid further risk in their life after surgery. This study concludes that Reconstructive surgery plays a vital role to bring for leprosy patients into their normal life and lead their life in this open society of today. The result implies a motivational message for the deformed leprosy patients to come forward and depicts to encourage the surgeons to counsel the patients towards reconstructive surgery, which will reduce stigma in due course.

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Lenka D
Mohapatra A
Kar C
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Current Topics in Neglected Tropical Diseases
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