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Identification of basic health unit territories and their correlation with leprosy cases through spatial analysis


The objective of this study was to correlate the geographic scope of the Basic Health Units with the spatial distribution of leprosy cases in the hyperendemic municipality of Santarém, the western region of the state of Pará. The methodology used for this study was the mapping of the territorial coverage of the UBS, its scope, that is, the area of action of the Community Health Agents (ACS), and the cases of leprosy from the period 2003 to 2013, for this was used a Geographic Information System (GIS) to visualize the spatial distribution of leprosy cases about the coverage and coverage of the UBS in the municipality. We have resulted in shapefiles developments in coverage and coverage of UBS and the distribution of leprosy cases. Through the use of spatial analysis, the areas discovered by the UBS were identified, as well as the spatial distribution of leprosy cases.

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