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IAL Textbook of Leprosy


India is not only the home of the largest leprosy problem in the world, but is also the largest center of leprosy work and leprosy research. The textbook “IAL Textbook of Leprosy”, through its contributions, very effectively addresses all the challenges currently faced by leprosy work in all its detail, and provides a comprehensive understanding of the disease to the leprologists working exclusively in leprosy, to the dermatologists who are increasingly taking full responsibility for the care of leprosy patients. This revised edition therefore, aims to look at not just the gains, advances, and the achievements made possible in the last few years by the commitment and devotion of the involved stakeholders, but also where we have lagged or missed to identify the opportunity to do better. This textbook is divided into 9 sections and comprises of total 52 chapter. The text has undergone a significant revision to incorporate the advances in the many areas that further our understanding of the disease, particularly in relation to its immunology, genetics and host susceptibility, drug resistance, molecular diagnostics, reactions and biology of Mycobacterium leprae, unraveling the immunopathogenic basis of some of the major components of the disease presentation.

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