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G-FINDER 2022 - Neglected disease research and development: The status quo won't get us there


Each year since 2007, G-FINDER has provided policy-makers, donors, researchers and industry with a comprehensive analysis of global investment into research and development of new products to prevent, diagnose, control or cure neglected diseases in developing countries, making it the gold standard in tracking and reporting global funding for neglected disease R&D. This year’s report, the fifteenth overall, focuses on investments made in participants’ 2021 financial year (‘FY2021’). While this report does not include some of the graphs incorporated in reports prior to 2020, the full suite of graphs and tables provided in previous editions can be created using our online data portal:

This year’s report contains an overview of neglected disease funding, measured in 2021 US dollars, including: • figures for individual diseases and product categories; • analysis of public, philanthropic and (anonymised, aggregated) private neglected disease funders; • details of the flow of funds to product development partnerships, other intermediaries and directly to researchers and developers; and • a discussion of this year’s key findings and how they fit with longer term trends, including the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on funding for neglected diseases. Participation in the G-FINDER survey remained relatively consistent between this year and last, with the exception of missing 2021 funding data from the Indian Council of Medical Research and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC). The disease areas for which headline funding totals are potentially misleading due to this missing data, along with any other minor survey participation effects, are highlighted throughout the report. In these cases, ‘participation-adjusted’ figures – which measure changes in funding from a consistent set of survey participants – are presented as an attempt to estimate the ‘true’ change between 2020 and 2021

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