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Father-Daughter Duo: How Unmasking Leprosy in Father Helped in Leprosy Diagnosis in the Daughter - A Case Report


In highly endemic countries like India, where tuberculosis (TB) and leprosy infection may coexist, screening the other disease before initiating treatment is important to prevent Rifampicin resistance since both diseases are treated with and sensitive to Rifampicin. Here, we report a leprosy case involving the unmasking of leprosy in a treated patient with Pulmonary TB. In this case, a high index of suspicion of Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) in a patient with no history of leprosy disease or treatment with anti-leprosy drugs was observed. He, however, had a history of taking anti-tuberculous medicine 1.5 years earlier. This case report also acknowledges the physician’s prompt referral of this patient to a dermatologist. Taking a detailed family history and screening helped us diagnose leprosy in the patient’s daughter. It also emphasises the atypical presentation of leprosy, which (although described in textbooks) is being reported here.

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Parikh F
Shah A
Shah H
Thakkar S