Establishing the psychometric properties of the IGBO version of the participation scale

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TitleEstablishing the psychometric properties of the IGBO version of the participation scale
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsIbikunle PO, Oladipo SE, Chukwu JN, Okeke AI
Abbrev. JournalLepr Rev
JournalLeprosy review
Year of Publication2016
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsIgbo, Leprosy, Nigeria, Participation scale, Psychometric, Stigma


Objectives: The Participation Scale (P-Scale) has been shown to be a valid and reliable scale for measuring participation restriction in people affected by leprosy. Until, now there has been no translation of the scale in Igbo. This study set out to produce a valid translation of the P-Scale in Igbo. Design: The research design was a cross-sectional survey. Forty (40) subjects were chosen by purposive sampling. Data were analysed using Cronbach’s Alpha and factor analyses. Result: Reliability analysis conducted using the Cronbach Alpha reliability test revealed that the overall reliability Alpha of the scale is 0·91. Firstly, most of the scale items showed a correlation coefficient of at least 0·3 with at least one other item on the scale, which suggests reasonable factorability. Secondly, the Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin measure of sampling adequacy was 0·77, and Bartlett’s test of sphericity was significant (x2 (190) ¼ 473·93, P , 0·001). Finally, the communalities were all above 0·5 confirming that each item shared some common variance with other items. Conclusion: It can be concluded that this Igbo translation of the Participation Scale is reliable and valid for use among the Igbo speaking group in Nigeria.

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