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Corneal Leproma : A Rare Ocular Manifestation in Leprosy


A leproma is a discrete granulomatous nodule rich in lepra bacilli and is a rare yet characteristic finding seen in the lepromatous spectrum of Hansen’s disease. Majority of the ocular lepromas reported in the literature so far arise from uveal tissue and sclera with an incidence of 0.75 to 1%. Exclusive corneal leproma associated with multibacillary leprosy is an extremely rare finding. It is painless and silent nature in earlier stages because of that it may remain unattended for several years until significant visual loss, disease progression and transmission may continue to occur. We report a case having corneal leproma, the detection of which led to the uncovering of advanced cutaneous involvement. The patient had chosen not to disclose his skin involvement and disability possibly due to social stigma and partly due to ignorance. The presence of such untreated multi-bacillary forms in the community may present a significant hurdle for a country like ours, aiming to eliminate this chronic disease. Public awareness through health education coupled with early detection remains the cornerstone in tackling this multi-system disorder which has implications both from disability and transmission angles

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Kerkar Z
Bhandare P
Ghodge R