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A Comparison of Cathelicidin Levels in the Skin of Leprosy Patients and Their Household Contacts


Objective: This study aimed to compare cathelicidin levels in the skin of leprae patients and leprae contacts.

Patients and Methods: This research is an analytic observational study with a cross-sectional approach. Fifty-four research subjects participated in this study. They consisted of leprae patients, household contacts, and healthy individuals. Cathelicidin levels were measured using the ELISA method. Data analysis was carried out with the help of SPSS software, and univariate and bivariate analysis was conducted.

Results: Cathelicidin levels in the leprae group (256.8±22.9 pg/ml) were higher than in the contact group (25.9±2.7 pg/ml). Likewise, the contact group had higher cathelicidin levels than healthy controls (1.4±0.1 pg/ml). Statistically, there were differences in cathelicidin levels between groups, P<0.050.

Conclusion: Cathelicidin levels in leprae patients were higher than those in household contacts.

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Argentina F
Suwarsa O
Gunawan H
Berbudi A