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Clinical and cytopathologic correlation in chronic inflammations of the orbit and ocular adnexa: a review of 55 cases.


Fine-needle aspiration cytology has been used for the diagnosis of neoplastic lesions of the orbit and ocular adnexa with some success. However, inflammatory conditions have not received much attention. This is a retrospective study of fine-needle aspirations of chronic inflammations of the orbit and ocular adnexa over a 15-year period from January 1988 through December 2002. Clinical records and stained smears were reviewed. There were 55 chronic inflammations, presenting as masses, cysts, abscesses, discharging sinuses and dermal plaques and nodules. Forty-two were granulomatous inflammations comprising chalazion (18), tuberculosis (5), Cysticercus cellulosae (3), ruptured epidermal cysts (2), actinomycosis (1) and leprosy (13). Thirteen patients had chronic non-specific inflammations. Fine-needle aspiration cytology is a useful diagnostic procedure in chronic inflammations of the ocular adnexa. Specific diagnosis is possible in many granulomatous inflammations, allowing appropriate, individualized therapy to be initiated.

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Dhaliwal U
Arora V
Singh N
Bhatia A

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