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Behavior of patients with leprosy in disability prevention through patients’ self care: A literature review


Poor self-care in people with leprosy can cause progressive damage because leprosy attacks the peripheral nerves, skin, hands and feet and eyes, so patients need good self-care.It is necessary to increase the active role of sufferers to seek information about leprosy and to increase routine self-care habits to prevent disability. Aim of this study for  reviewing the relevant literature available on the behavior of people with leprosy in preventing disability through patient self-care. Literature study in 2018-2022, data obtained from databases include Scopus, JSTOR, Science Direct with the keywords leprosy, self-care, disability, behavior, and prevention. This literature study found 28 articles that match the criteria inclusion and exclusion. From the review of the article it is known about behavior of people with leprosy in preventing disability through self care of patients. The results of the literature review show that there are five sub-findings, namely factors related to the incidence of leprosy, stigma about leprosy, incidence of disability, self-care practices of patients, and behavior of people with leprosy to prevent disability. Factors related to the incidence of leprosy are age, gender, social contact, care, personal hygiene, knowledge, education, occupation, income, and house density. 

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Hannan M
Notobroto HB
Hidayat S
Mumpuningtias ED
Hasina SN