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[Bacterial sampling using lymph node puncture-aspiration. A study of 50 patients with leprosy].


Fine needle aspiration of lymph nodes was performed in 50 leprosy patients and was compared with usual techniques of bacillary smears taken from nasal mucosa, ear lobule and cutaneous lesion we found that the former was more sensible (30%) regarding bacteriologic and morphologic (34%) indices; moreover this proceeding was more sensible (50%) en patients with type II leprosy reaction. After 6 month-multi-therapy schedule in 3 patients, the morphologic index decreases 2 points (SFG) and bacteriologic index 1 + (mean value). It is concluded that fine needle aspiration of lymph nodes is a useful method, because of its simplicity and low traumatic effects and its sensibility to follow-up treatment and reactional phases.

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Journal Article
Latapi-Contreras F
Caire-Loyer P
Flores-Alonso O
Flores-Romero R M

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