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Atlas of neglected tropical diseases in Papua: the illustrative book for the frontline health workers in detection, diagnostics and treatment.

Translated Title
Atlas Penyakit Terabaikan di Tanah Papua: Buku Panduan bagi tenaga kesehatan di garis terdepan dalam penemuan, diagnosis dan pengobatan

Neglected Diseases   cause health care costs to patients and society not only physical and psychological concerns but also economical issues. This burden is compounded by the existence of disability. Some neglected diseases   are available in Papua including   leprosy, yaws, elephantiasis and cysticercosis / worm infection. These diseases   typically affected   to the poor and to those people particularly living in rural and remote areas.

Skin diseases and neglected diseases have various appearances   and not infrequently mixed. Leprosy often looks similar to other skin diseases (leprosy is a great imitator) therefore necessary skills, experience and knowledge are enough for the health workers. With accustomed to seeing cases and   pictures we will more easily learn these diseases. The book also explains about treatment and complications.

This book was inspired by Leprosy in Africans by dr.W.K.Jacyk (ILEP Publication) and the book of Common Skin Diseases in Africa: An essay guide Illustrated by Collette van Hees and Ben Naafs. This book was adapted to the circumstances of cases in Papua.

Hopefully, this dedication will be useful for  health workers  in the fields, for those students in medicine and nursing as well as public health.

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Pongtiku A
Kayame R
Sumolang VI
Wopari BI
Rumainum A
Year of Publication
Number of Pages
84 p.
Surabaya, Indonesia
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