Association of IL10 Polymorphisms and Leprosy: A Meta-Analysis.

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TitleAssociation of IL10 Polymorphisms and Leprosy: A Meta-Analysis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsAlvarado-Arnez LE, Amaral EP, Sales-Marques C, Durães SMB, Cardoso C, Sarno EN, Pacheco AG, Lana FCF, Moraes MO
Abbrev. JournalPLoS ONE
JournalPloS one
Year of Publication2015
Publication Languageeng

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that depends on the interplay of several factors. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in host immune related genes have been consistently suggested as participants in susceptibility towards disease. Interleukin-10 (IL-10) is a crucial immunomodulatory cytokine in mycobacterial pathogenesis and especially the -819C>T SNP (rs1800871) has been tested in several case-control studies indicating association with leprosy risk, although a recent consensus estimate is still missing.

In this study, we evaluated the association of the -819C>T SNP and leprosy in two new Brazilian family-based populations. Then, we performed meta-analysis for this polymorphism summarizing published studies including these Brazilian family-based groups. Finally, we also retrieved published studies for other distal and proximal IL10 polymorphisms: -3575 T>A (rs1800890), -2849 G>A (rs6703630), -2763 C>A (rs6693899), -1082 G>A (rs1800896) and -592 C>A (rs1800872).

Results from meta-analysis supported a significant susceptibility association for the -819T allele, with pooled Odds Ratio of 1.22 (CI = 1.11-1.34) and P-value = 3x10-5 confirming previous data. This result remained unaltered after inclusion of the Brazilian family-based groups (OR = 1.2, CI = 1.10-1.31, P-value = 2x10-5). Also, meta-analysis confirmed association of -592 A allele and leprosy outcome (OR = 1.24, CI = 1.03-1.50, P-value = 0.02). In support of this, linkage disequilibrium analysis in 1000 genomes AFR, EUR, ASN and AMR populations pointed to r2 = 1.0 between the -592C>A and -819C>T SNPs. We found no evidence of association for the other IL10 polymorphisms analyzed for leprosy outcome. Our results reinforce the role of the -819C>T as a tag SNP (rs1800871) and its association with leprosy susceptibility.

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