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Achieving Integration through Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC)


Leprosy is chronic infectious disease, mainly affects skin and peripheral nerve, caused by M. Leprae. In India, 58% of global new leprosy cases were detected annually. Due to the passive case detection, large numbers of cases are hidden in community, leading to more deformity. After integration of NLEP in to General Health Care, the involvement was not satisfactory. Leprosy Case Detection Campaign (LCDC) is novel concept launched by Central Leprosy Division, DtGHS, Government of India, in fifty districts of seven states having Prevalence Rate 1 to1.32/ 10,000 populations. This activity by House to House case search by using ASHAs and Male Volunteer and IEC, on line of Pulse Polio Campaign. Pre-activity meeting of all stake holder at state, district and block level were conducted. Training of Medical Officers and Supervisors were conducted at district level. ASHAs and male volunteers were conducted at block level by Medical officers. The programme has in build mechanism monitoring at District, Block and PHC level to insure maximum participation and desire outcome. Five districts of Maharashtra around 8340940 populations visited by LCDC teams and found 8553 suspects. On examination of suspects by Medical officers 166 (101 MB, 65 PB) new Leprosy cases were identified in this campaign. The campaign was mainly able emphasis importance of active case search in leprosy and awareness in general population through IEC.

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Giri V
Bhagat V
Baviskar S
Ali SM