International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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  1. Damien de Veuster (1840–1889) – A Life Devoted to Lepers

    Pawlikowski J, Banasiuk J, Sak J, Jojczuk M, Grzybowski A. Clinics in dermatology. 2018;
  2. Stigma and increase of leprosy cases in SouthEast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.

    Tosepu R, Gunawan J, Effendy DS, Fadmi FR. African health sciences. 2018; 18(1):29-31.
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  3. Coexistence of Nerve Enlargement and Neuratrophy Detected by Ultrasonography in Leprosy Patients.

    Chen X, Zhang L, Huang M, Zhai X, Wen Y, Pan C. Scientific reports. 2018; 8(1):11.
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  4. Dependence on others for oral hygiene and its association with hand deformities and functional impairment in elders with a history of leprosy.

    Ferreira RC, Gonçalves TX, Soares ARDS, Carvalho LRA, Campos FL, Ribeiro MTF, Martins AMEBL, Ferreira EFE. Gerodontology. 2018;
  5. Molecular, immunological and neurophysiological evaluations for early diagnosis of neural impairment in seropositive leprosy household contacts.

    Santos DFD, Mendonça MR, Antunes DE, Sabino EFP, Pereira RC, Goulart LR, Goulart IMB. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2018; 12(5):e0006494.
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