International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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  1. Age-Dependent Association of TNFSF15/TNFSF8 Variants and Leprosy Type 1 Reaction

    Fava VM, Sales-Marques C, ïs A, Moraes MO, Schurr E. Frontiers in Immunology. 2017;
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  2. Clinical-epidemiological characterization of leprosy cases with physical disabilities

    Sousa GC, Vieira FS, Oliveira DÉP, Costa ES, Moura MES. Revista da Rede de Enfermagem do Nordeste. 2017;
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  3. Global urbanization and the neglected tropical diseases.

    Hotez PJ. PLoS neglected tropical diseases. 2017; 11(2):e0005308.
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  4. T helper Cells in Leprosy: An Update

    Saini C, Tarique M, Rai R, Siddiqui A, Khanna N, Sharma A. Immunology Letters. 2017;
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  5. The Managing Epilepsy Well Network:: Advancing Epilepsy Self-Management.

    Sajatovic M, Jobst BC, Shegog R, Bamps YA, Begley CE, Fraser RT, Johnson EK, Pandey DK, Quarells RC, Scal P, Spruill TM, Thompson NJ, Kobau R. American journal of preventive medicine. 2017; 52(3S3):S241-S245.
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