International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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  1. [P034] Lepromatous leprosy in a immunocompetent patient

    Kim YH, Han JH, Seo Hmin, Bang CH, Min Park Y, Lee JY, Lee JH. 프로그램북 (구 초록집). 2017; 69(1):321.
  2. Generalized eruptive histiocytosis simulating leprosy: A case report with current status of classification of histiocytoses and antigenic markers

    Arif T, Adil M, Amin SS, Dorjay K. Indian journal of paediatric dermatology . 2017;
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  3. [P301] A case of borderline lepromatous leprosy In an immigrant worker.

    Kwon O, Choi Y, Kim H, Kwon H, Park KD, Park J, Chung H. 프로그램북 (구 초록집). 2017; 69(1):421-422.
  4. Biological activity of traditional medicinal plants used against lymphatic filariasis in the eastern Free State.

    Lehasa SG, Pieters R, Thekisoe MMO, Komoreng LV. South African journal of botany. 2017; 109344.
  5. From stigma to empowerment – A journey to reframe disability.

    Mayer FA. Inclusive Learning and Educational Equity . 2017; 97-106.

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