Cataract Surgery in Leprosy: Quest for Perfection

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TitreCataract Surgery in Leprosy: Quest for Perfection
Type de PublicationJournal Article
AuteursChowdhury S, Sneha, Priti, Naveen
Périodique / RevueActa scientific medical sciences
Année de Publication2019
Langue de Publicationeng
Mots-clésCataract surgery, Leprosy, Non-Leprosy

Purpose: The aim of the study was to find the most suitable approach for cataract surgery in leprosy affected people and compare the visual outcome in camp based approach in such patients with non-leprosy patients.
Methods: prospective case control study.
Results: In Non IOL cases (1996 to 2000), vision improved to 6/12 in 120/160 cases in short term. IOL Cases (phaco and SICS done during 2005-2010), 210/250 cases improved to vision more than 6/12.Worse in "cases" with Phaco. SICS with IOL (2010- 2014) 235/242 cases vision improved to >6/12. Results were similar in both PALs and non-leprosy controls.
Conclusion: With this study we conclude that post-operative outcome of small incision cataract surgery shows better outcome than phaco, also more accessible in areas with low socioeconomic areas where leprosy has high prevalence.

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