T’sarat/leprosy: paths taken by relatives of former patients treated in the asylum environment

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TítuloT’sarat/leprosy: paths taken by relatives of former patients treated in the asylum environment
Tipo de PublicaçãoJournal Article
AutoresCosta Pinheiro MG, Albino Simpson C, Nunes de Miranda FA, Parreira Mendes FR
RevistaRevista de pesquisa, cuidado é fundamental online
Ano de Publicação2019
Idioma da Publicaçãoeng, spa, por
Palavras-chave Brazil, Family, Leprosy, Life Change Events, Nursing, Social stigma

Objective: To assess the understanding that relatives of former leprosy patients treated in hospitals colony have about the disease. Method: Qualitative study, focusing on oral history. The 52 relatives of former leprosy patients who were segregated in Cologne Hospital São Francisco de Assis composed the colony. The network consisted of 10 employees, both sexes, aged 44-76 years. Data collection was guided by guiding questions that directed the memories of employees for the purpose of the study. The interviews were recorded, transcribed and analyzed for thematic content analysis. The research was approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, CAAE 25922214.3.0000.5537. Results: Resulting in two categories: The story and the last story in this. Conclusion: Respondents reflected rise leprosy control policy in the past, as well as adopted in the present front of the disease.

Link to full texthttp://seer.unirio.br/index.php/cuidadofundamental/article/view/6449/pdf