International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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  1. Characterization of leprosy in children under 15 years in an important municipality of north-eastern Brazil.

    Freire de Souza CD, Silva Matos T. O mundo da saúde. 2017; 41(2):130-137.
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  2. Stigma and psychological problems encountered by people with leprosy and how counselling helps: A systematic review.

    Sharma D, Joshi A, Kumar P. The international journal of Indian psychology. 2017; 4(4):176-186.
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  3. The distribution of leprosy cases with physical disability in the state of Paraiba, Brazil, from 2001 to 2011.

    Malta Uchôa RE, Gonçalves de Brito KK, Malzac Freire de Santana E, Alves da Silva M, Santos Oliveira SH, Guimarães Oliveira Soares MJ. Revista de pesquisa, cuidado é fundamental online . 2017; 9(3):634-340.
  4. Epidemiological profile of leprosy in a municipality in the Brazilian Northeast: a retrospective analysis.

    Alves ES, Braz de Oliveira L, Evangelista de Araújo TM, Venâncio de Melo I, Perpétuo Socorro Araújo R, Ferreira Marques LM. Revista de pesquisa, cuidado é fundamental online. 2017; 9(3):648-652.
  5. Molecular detection of Mycobacterium leprae in stained slit skin smear from leprosy patients and comparison of molecular and histopathological findings with clinical data.

    Bereket A. Addis Ababa University, College of Health Sciences, School of Medicine, Department of pathology. 2017; Master of Science40.
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