[Hansen's disease in the northern region of Brazil--1986].

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Titre[Hansen's disease in the northern region of Brazil--1986].
Type de PublicationJournal Article
Auteursda Britto RS
Abbrev. JournalHansenol Int
Périodique / RevueHansenologia internationalis
Année de Publication1989
Langue de Publicationpor
Mots-clésAdolescent, Adult, Aged, Brazil, Child, Child, Preschool, Cohort Studies, Cross-Sectional Studies, Humans, Leprosy, Middle Aged, Socioeconomic Factors

Some general facts about Hansen's Disease are presented: in the world, in the Americas, in 1986, with the purpose to focalize on the Northern Region of Brazil (Amazon Valley) where an attempt is made to specify, State, the clinical forms in the active registry, the respective coefficients of Prevalence, about the cases detected during the year, by clinical forms and the correspondent Coefficient of Incidence, the age range of less than 15 years, and above 15 years; and to analyze according to the township in the State of Amazonas in a series of 8 years, from 1979 to 1986, the registered cases under control and also without control, the new cases, by clinical form and Coefficient of Incidence, the positive cases among students in the capital and also in the country, and with more details, still by township and by Public Health Registry, in 1986, with the population, new cases, and Coefficient of Incidence, cases of the active registry, cases under control, Coefficient of Incidence, the relationship between patients/inhabitants, cases according to the decreasing intensity as far as the Prevalence and Health Department Regions: all this to give an idea, in detail, inclusive statistics, of the real position of Hansen's Disease in the Northern Region (Amazon Valley), with the highest figures of Prevalence and even of Incidence, in comparison with other Regions of the country, and to stress the grave situation of the endemic proportions of the disease, in Brazil in general and in that Regions, in particular.

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