• On Leprosy, as Seen in India; with Remarks on the Eruption and Anæsthesia.

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  • The Increase of Leprosy in India: Its Causes, Probable Consequences, and Remedies.

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  • Analysis of 118 cases of Leprosy in the Tarntaran Asylum (Punjab).

    Abraham PS. Transactions. Epidemiological Society of London. 1891; 952-69.

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  • Leprosy in India : report of the Leprosy Commission in India, 1890-91.

    National Leprosy Fund ; Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.; 1893.

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  • Die Lepra in Ost-Indien während des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts

    van Dorssen JM. Berlin: Verlag von August Hirschwald; 1901.

  • De Lepra in de Oeliasers

    Neeb HM. Geneeskundig Tijdschrift voor nederlandsch-Indie. 1902;

  • Leprosy in India. A Survey

    COCHRANE RG. London: World Dominion Press; 1927.

  • Leprosy in India: a survey

    Cochrane R. London: World Dominion Press; 1927.

  • Ridding the Empire of Leprosy: A Far-Spread Campaign.

    Postgraduate medical journal. 1929; 4(43):119-21.

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