ALM - American Leprosy Missions

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American Leprosy Missions is the oldest and largest non-profit organization in the United States dedicated to curing and caring for people affected by leprosy and related diseases. It currently operates in more than a dozen countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas. During its more than 100-year history, American Leprosy Missions has provided holistic care to four million people around the world including medical treatment and training, prevention of disability, community development and vaccine research.

Building on their expertise in treatment and care, ALM have launched a new, strategic plan for 2016-2020. During the next five years, ALM will grow the impact of their programs, exponentially increasing the number of people directly benefiting from their projects from 100,000 in 2015, to one million in 2020. This plan contains 4 priorities:

  1. Improving Well-Being: restore people affected by leprosy and related diseases to lives of dignity and hope.
  2. Stopping Disease: stop the transmission of leprosy and related diseases and heal those affected
  3. Growing Healthy Partnerships: build and expand a network of strong, strategic partnerships with supporting partners, implementing coalitions, the general public and churches.
  4. Strengthening Capacity and Operational Excellence: continue to develop a highly competent team and increase financial resources available for programs, increasing operational efficiency.


1 ALM Way
SC 29601 Greenville
United States
Phone: +1/864 271 70 40
Fax: +1/864 271 70 62
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