About Infolep

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Infolep is the international knowledge centre for access to (digital) information resources on leprosy and related subjects.
The Infolep portal (https://www.leprosy-information.org/) offers easy access to over 28,500 publications including many with a link to the free full text.
Visit the electronic library to find a unique collection of information resources on leprosy, key topics like prevention of leprosy, diagnostic testing, prevention of disability, stigma and mental health issues.
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Infolep provides scientists, professionals and others working in the field of leprosy with knowledge and information to support their daily work.
Infolep also offers library services such as access to subscription-only articles and assistance with literature searches for those unable to do this themselves.
Each month a newsletter is send out with an overview of new publications on leprosy. Subscribe here

Infolep is an initiative of NLR and is currently co-fundend by eight ILEP members.