International knowledge centre for information resources on leprosy

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  1. Measuring the observance of contact precautions when treating Buruli ulcer patient in a tertiary hospital in Benin.

    Ahoyo TA, Fonton PFD, Lozes EMC, Aminou TW. Medical research archives. 2017;
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  2. Analysis of SGOT, SGPT, and IgM anti PGL-1 in multibacillary leprosy patient after multi drug therapy

    Tabri F, Maskur Z, Amiruddin MD, Makalew HL. Global journal of health science. 2017; 9(9):36-41.
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  3. Assessment of vocation of rifabutin and rifapentine in replace of rifampcin in drug resistance leprosy patients: a molecular simulation study

    Mohanty PS, Naaz F, Bansal AK, Gupta UD. Molecular biology research communications. 2017; 6(3):113-122.
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  4. Current trends in leprosy- a retrospective study from a tertiary care centre in Kerala

    Mathew R, Sobhanakumari K. Journal of evolution of medical and dental sciences. 2017; 6(30):2403.
  5. Cystic lesions of peripheral nerves: Are we missing the diagnosis of the intraneural ganglion cyst?

    Panwar J, Mathew A, Thomas BP. World journal of radiology. 2017; 9(5):230-244.
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