SALSA stands for Screening of Activity Limitation and Safety Awareness and it is a questionnaire that measures activity limitation in peripheral neuropathy (leprosy and diabetes).

It is a cross cultural tool, comprising 20 items of daily activities, related to the three domains of mobility, self care and work. The questionnaire is administered by an interview. It is a subjective tool placing the interviewee at the center presenting how the client himself perceives his functional level. The SALSA group at Yahoo has been established to give information and facilitate communication between people who use or want to use the SALSA as a clinical tool or in research. The SALSA Scale is available in the following languages: Bengali (Bangladesh), Bengali (India), Cebuano, Chinese, English, French, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Indonesian, Nepali, Portuguese, Tamil and Yoruba. The scale will be translated into more languages.

Contact Hanna Melchior for more information or an invitation to join.

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