Infolep library services

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Infolep is the international knowledge centre for leprosy and related subjects. We facilitate access to information for anyone involved in leprosy, from researchers and students to programme managers and field workers.
Infolep provides information both on demand and on a pro-active basis.

Services include;

Leprosy Information Portal

The Leprosy Information Portal is the place to search for articles, (e-) books, book chapters, (e-journals), films, cd-roms and more on leprosy and related subjects.
Start your search here.

Literature Searches

Infolep conducts bibliographical searches using a variety of databases as well as the Internet. These searches generate a list of journal citations, available with or without abstracts. Customers review the lists and then may request relevant full-text articles (see Document Delivery below).

Document Delivery

Infolep provides document delivery services. Requests for articles or books are filled using the following process:
– The Infolep collection is consulted first.
– If not available in house, inter- library loan services are used.

Quick Reference Service

Infolep answers reference questions using in-house materials such as dictionaries, handbooks, textbooks, encyclopedias, and resources on the Internet. In addition, information referral services are provided, granting Infolep customers access to experts within the leprosy field.

Advice and Support

Infolep provides advice and support to leprosy information centres.

Training Sessions

Infolep organizes training sessions, at Infolep or on location on:
- Infolep collections and services;
- How to stay up-to-date with leprosy information;
- How to use information resources like the Internet, databases, PubMed, reference manager;
- How to evaluate and use information found.

Infolep Library Collection, Amsterdam

The Infolep library collection consists of reference works on leprosy: (e-)books, journals, articles, training- and audioviasual material.
The Infolep library can be visited during office hours. An Information Specialist is available for all onsite enquiries and any research assistance you may need.

Loan Service and Inter-Library Loan

All documents except for reference materials may be borrowed. Infolep also takes part in the national and international inter-library loan service, which makes it possible to obtain materials from other libraries.