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International Coalition of Historic Sites of Exclusion and Resistance

About the organisation: 

In 2012 the International Coalition of Historic Sites of Exclusion and Resistance was established by individuals who have lived in these communities, together with heritage experts and representatives of advocacy and human rights organizations from Brazil, Colombia, Japan, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States. Goal: To promote the cultural heritage of leprosy/Hansen's disease historic sites.

effect: hope - The Leprosy Mission Canada

About the organisation: 

effect:hope (The Leprosy Mission Canada) is a Christian development organization, focused on achieving lasting, positive change among people living with the causes and consequences of leprosy and conditions related to leprosy.

SLC - Secours aux Lepreux - Leprosy Relief Canada

About the organisation: 

Founded in 1961, Leprosy Relief is a leading international humanitarian organization fighting leprosy. Leprosy Relief is a member of ILEP, the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Associations. Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, Leprosy Relief is supported by individual donations, bequests and interests from an endowment fund. Two Missions The mission of Leprosy Relief Canada is twofold: to fight diseases of poverty (leprosy and tuberculosis) and raise the Canadian people's awareness of the issue. Two Diseases Established to fight leprosy, Leprosy Relief Canada extended its scope of action to include the fight against tuberculosis. This of course does not mean it has forgotten about leprosy, the main goal. One Strategy Leprosy Relief Canada works to restore health, hope and dignity to people affected by leprosy or tuberculosis. Over the years, the work has gone from assisting small initiatives to supporting larger programs in partnership with other members from ILEP, the International Federation of Anti-Leprosy Organizations.

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